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RO Water Purifier | Alkaline Ionizer Machine Sale and Service

RO Water Purifier and Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Sale and Service

RO Water Purifier and Alkaline Water Machine Sale and Service. Free installation with service warranty at your doorstep in all India. RO water purifier and water ionizer machine at the best prices.

RO Water Purifier

RO Water Purifier and Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Sale and Service

RO water purifier is a perfect system for purifying lousy water. Water with high TDS is made potable by a reverse osmosis system.

RO water purifier is used to dirty water to clean water and reduce TDS, Alkaline Machine water ionizer reduces or increases the pH in the water and make alkaline water.

We have skilled technicians available for any problem with RO water purifiers and alkaline machine.

Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

RO Water Purifier and Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Sale and Service

The Alkaline Machine is making ionized water for us, in this water, including three main properties:

  1. Antioxidant water
  2. Micro clustered water
  3. Alkaline water

Ionized water is most important to our beautiful life because antioxidant water has increased our life, micro-clustered water digest all very well and clean and clear our intestine. Ionized water raises our immune system and detoxes the whole body.

Drinking ionized water keeps our health very good, and we can live longer. Having more plates in any water ionizer means more hydrogen bubbles and higher negative ORP. PurePro JA-703 flush excess toxins in the human body (Same as Kangen Water) See Video Click Here.

Alkaline ionized water increases the amount of oxygen in our body, due to which we get a lot of energy. Alkaline water helps neutralize our body and removes toxins from our body. After drinking this water, acidic elements come out of our body, and our body becomes alkaline.

Best RO Service Kit for All Brands Water Purifier

RO Service Kit For Routine Service

RO Service Kit For Routine Service


RO Service Kit Without Membrane

RO Service Kit Without Membrane


RO Service Kit With Membrane

RO Service Kit With Membrane


Water Purifier

A wide range of purifiers built with Universal, RO, and UV technology deliver not just pure but healthy water. The vivid vary of purifier square measure on the market among a worth vary of MRP Rs.8500.00 to MRP Rs.32690.00, belongings you decide on the foremost economic one to match your desires.

Which filter is for purified borewell water?
RO (reverse osmosis) water apparatus is one of the most effective ways of sublimate borewell water or high TDS water.
How to change the filter in the water purifier?
Change all filters within the water apparatus by an expert technician once each year. We've got provided the most effective RO technician in Delhi and NCR.

RO Water Purifier Services

RO water purifier services like repairing, installation, uninstallation, routine service, and AMC by best professionals. Service warranty for RO spare parts. We changed the spare parts warranty for two months. If a manufacturing defect damages any RO spare parts, we will replace them free of cost.


We provide skilled technicians to perform RO water purifier repair service within 90 minutes in your home. Also, we've got repaired and maintained all brands of water ionizers in the metropolis and NCR.
Instant RO service at the doorstep book now!

Routine Service

Routine Service

Routine service increases your RO water purifier's filter capacity and giving pure and clean water regularly. Change every three months pre-filter, and after one year, all filters and membrane change.

Repair Service

Repair Service

Repair service of your RO water purifier by our best professionals all problems like RO not working, pure water not coming, UV not working, only wastewater coming, noise problem, taste issue, water overflow and many more.

Installation & Uninstallation

Installation & Uninstallation

Our best technicians do the installation and uninstallation of RO water purifier at your destination home to another location. Our technician installs all brands and all models RO at home.

Water Purifier AMC


RO annual maintenance contract for all brands and all models RO water purifier by our company. We provide regular service every three months and call on-demand in RO AMC because our motto is customer satisfaction.

Water Ionizer Service

Kangen water machine Service

Repair service of Kangen water machine all brands and all models water ionizer by our professional. We replace your ionizer with our PurePro water ionizer pure titanium plates.

Water Ionizer Repair

Domestic and Commercial RO

We provide domestic RO water purifier for your home and Commercial RO plant up to 10000 LPH for your office or factory for all-purpose like water treatment or making drinking water.

Top 6 best water purifier

Sr. No. Top 6 best water purifier Price
1 Aquaguard Rs.15000
2 Kent Rs.18000
3 Livpure Rs.15490
4 Pureit Rs.11500
5 PurePro Rs.25500
6 Zero B Rs.18000

Kent water purifier

The Kent water purifier is available 8 liters to 20 liter capacity of the storage tank with filter change alarm, and other features like TDS controller, UF, UV, Auto cut, Mineral cartage, and Pre Filter. Kent water purifier is also available with RO. It works from 70 TDS to 2000 TDS and gives water what you want to drink. Kent water purifier non-electric storage tank capacity 20 liters and RO 8-10 liter storage tank. The wastewater discharge ratio of this RO is lower than other brands.

Aquaguard water purifier

The Aquaguard water purifier is available 3 liters to 12 liter capacity of the storage tank with a filter change indicator and Other features: TDS adjuster, UV, UF, Mineral cartage, Auto cut, Pre Filter. Aquaguard water purifier is also available with RO. It's working with 70 to 2500 TDS and adjust TDS as you like—Aquaguard water purifier compatible with all sizes with more design and affordable prices for your kitchen or office.

Livpure water purifier

The Livpure water purifier is available in storage tanks of 6.8 to 11 liters capacity and UV and filters change alarm/indicator. It has other features like TDS adjuster, UV, UF, Antiscalant filter, auto cut, pre-filter, etc. Livpure water purifier is also available in RO, and it works very well from 70 to 2200 TDS and makes the water potable for you. Livpure water purifier is available with a touch button and a digital display.

Pureit water purifier

The Pureit water purifier is available 5 liters to 23 liter capacity of the storage tank with filter change indicator, and other features: UV, UF, Auto cut, Pre Filter. Pureit water purifier is also available in RO, and it fulfills water from 70 to 1500 TDS. Pureit water purifier used Germ Kill Kit (GKK) for better water purification and the GKK change indicator.

Zero B water purifier

The Zero B water purifier is available 6 liter capacity of the storage tank, and other features are HRR AND ESS technology, heavy metal removal, Auto cut, Pre Filter. Zero B RO water purifier works from 70 to 2500 TDS. Zero B water purifier uses ESS HRR and Rasin technology. The water obtained through this technique is very high-quality water, which is very useful for your home office and industries.

Aquafresh water purifier

The Aquafresh water purifier is available 8 liters to 14 liter capacity of the storage tank, and other features are UV, UF, Mineral cartage, alkaline filter, TDS controller, Auto cut, Pre Filter. Aquafresh water purifier is also available in RO, and it cleans the water from 70 to 3000 TDS. Aquafresh water purifier is suitable for your home and office. Aquafresh water purifier available very affordable prices and most people use this because it's simple to use and convenient.

RO Services Charges in Delhi and NCR
  • Visit Charges: 150/-
  • Repair Charges: 249/-
  • Service Charges: 299/-
  • Installation Charges: 399/-
  • UN-Installation Charges: 299/-
  • Installation and UN-installation Charges: 599/-
  • alkaline water ionizer Installation: 999/-
  • alkaline water ionizer Repair/Service: 499/-
  • Service Charges for Commercial/Industrial Plant: 999/-
  • Service/Repair/AMC/Installation Delhi and NCR More...

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