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Water Softener For Bathroom

Water Softener For Bathroom

Water Softener For Bathroom: Get rid of salt water for a lifetime and convert hard water into soft water with the catalytic 5G Aqua world's no. one technology.

Customers, who have acquired CATALYTIC SUPER 5G AQUA for their domestic requirements, have acknowledged the improvement in overall household applications ranging from bathing, washing, and cooking to individual health, too.

The prominent findings were: No cleaner constitution on their skin; skin stays gentle and well-conditioned when its congenital oils are permitted to remain by a mineral constitution.

A smaller cleaner is required to clean the skin. CATALYTIC SUPER 5G AQUA is specifically significant with youngish youths.

Their shell is generally more delicate and sensitive to the annoyances initiated in multiple detergents and cleaning products.

Remember, with CATALYTIC SUPER 5G AQUA treated water, a little soap or shampoo goes a long way. Hair is softened and easier to manage when there isn't a build-up of minerals coating it.

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Water Conditioner Technology

A natural water treatment system works independently of any external ingredient or stimulator and is free of chemical or electric processes.

This technology, by a natural process, reduces heavy metals, mercury chlorine, iron, mercury, silica, fluoride, aluminum, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, nitrate, sulfate, calcium sulfide, heavy soluble metals, scaling possibilities of hard water, lowers cost, minimizes maintenance and extends system life.

Water Conditioner Working Principal

Typical redox reaction, harmful chlorine is removed by changing free chlorine into chloride ions. Natural water treatment systems act as a catalyst to change soluble ferrous cations into insoluble ferric hydroxide, easily removed by regular backwashing.

We can modify the scale compound's crystal structure with the reaction, changing it from calcite to aragonite. "To turn the scale into aragonite and eliminate it" is used to prevent and eradicate scale.


  1. In soft water, they worked well with a lesser amount(1/2 to 2/3) of soap or cleaning products.
  2. Their water heaters consumed up to 20% less.
  3. Their razors worked well on faces and lasted longer because of soft water.
  4. Their clothes kept shining and lasted longer than they typically do with hard water.
  5. They spent less time cleaning floors, dishes, and other utensils, with better.
  6. The water tasted better, and they drank a lot of it, auto-purify internal organs, and stayed.
  7. The software can improve hair quality and can control hair fall.
  8. It helps make hair shiner, skin cleaner, and clothes cleaner.
  9. It makes household cleaning more straightforward and less.
  10. Reduces soap scum and scaling, decreasing the use of costly.
  11. Reduces hard water scaling for all appliances.


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