Service Charges: RO, Plant, Ionizer, Water Conditioner, Softener

Service charges for RO, Ionizer, Plant, Water Conditioner, and Softener are all brands with a service warranty for two months, and we always use 100% genuine spare parts.

Sr. No. Service Charges for RO, Ionizer, Plant, Water Softener/Conditioner Price
1 RO Repair Rs.249
2 RO Service Rs.299
3 RO Installation Rs.499
4 RO Un-installation Rs.300
5 RO Installation/RO Un-installation Rs.699
6 Service/Visit Charges RO 50 LPH Rs.300
7 Service/Visit Charges Commercial RO Plant 100 LPH to 250 LPH Rs.500
8 Service/Visit Charges Commercial RO Plant 500 LPH to 1000 LPH Rs.1000
9 Service/Visit Charges Industrial RO Plant Above 1000 LPH Rs.2000
10 Service/Visit Charges for Water Conditioner Rs.999
11 Service/Visit Charges for Magnetic Water Conditioner Rs.999
12 Service/Visit Charges for Water Softener Rs.1499
13 Service/Visit Charges for Wastewater Treatment Plant Rs.1999
14 Service/Visit Charges for Sewage Treatment Plant Rs.1999
15 Service/Visit Charges for Water Treatment Plant Rs.1999
16 Service/Visit Charges for ETP Plant Rs.1999
17 Service/Visit Charges for Dialysis RO Plant Rs.1999
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