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Water Softener For Industrial Use

Water Softener For Industrial Use

Water Softener For Industrial Use: Get rid of salt water for a lifetime and convert hard water into soft water with the catalytic 5G Aqua world's no. one technology.

3G Aqua Water Treatment Technology: We have worked for 16 years with Redox technology, and we have 22 years experienced in water industries. We had researched this technology when NASA said on their website. We got successful results then we got a patent in 2009.

5G Aqua is our Biggest achievement for us. So we have decided that everyone needs to know and use this proven technology for safety in domestic, commercial, and Agriculture utilize. We have the technology for completely softening and long-life results.

Non-maintenance, No make shitter, no local, only certified technology we are providing, and we are giving the best results from others. So don't worry about the decision to use our products.

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Water Conditioner Technology

A natural water treatment system works independently of any external ingredient or stimulator and is free of chemical or electric processes.

This technology, by a natural process, reduces heavy metals, mercury chlorine, iron, mercury, silica, fluoride, aluminum, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, nitrate, sulfate, calcium sulfide, heavy soluble metals, scaling possibilities of hard water, lowers cost, minimizes maintenance and extends system life.

Water Conditioner Working Principal

Typical redox reaction, harmful chlorine is removed by changing free chlorine into chloride ions. Natural water treatment systems act as a catalyst to change soluble ferrous cations into insoluble ferric hydroxide, easily removed by regular backwashing.

We can modify the scale compound's crystal structure with the reaction, changing it from calcite to aragonite. "To turn the scale into aragonite and eliminate it" is used to prevent and eradicate scale.

Our Strength

  1. Our product quality is its manufacturing, which is metal based but designed by Redox technology.
  2. Certified and scientifically proven technology.
  3. Fit and forget and easy to install.
  4. Ten years guarantee.
  5. The minimum life is forty years.
  6. No electricity.
  7. No maintenance and long life results.
  8. No other expenses.
  9. Security with a registered private limited company.
  10. Patent technology over 36 countries and best performance.

Benefits For Industrial Purposes

  1. Hard water can also negatively affect the efficiency of the boiler or machinery.
  2. The presence of calcium and magnesium causes hard scaling, which will have an impact on the heat transfer inside the machinery.
  3. The small layer of calcium and magnesium can decrease the efficiency or quality of machinery by as much as 25 percent.
  4. The product quality will be low if we use hard water in machinery.
  5. Machinery parts also damage by hard water in the presence of calcium and magnesium.
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