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Water Softener: Buy Hard Water Softeners

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We are the Supply of Water softeners/conditioner for various types and natures of hard water.

Hard water has a veritably high grade of Magnesium and calcium; thus, it brings a multitude of troubles every day. The sight of these chemicals in the water you apply for washing your clothes or bathing isn't exclusively busting your appliance's life by 50 percent but similarly makes your clothes turn faded and affect your skin & hair.

But not presently. You don't need to get upset with KENAQUA's uniquely designed, improved water softener. Now, you can keep your hair and skin healthy with these domestic Water softeners/conditioner that convert hard water into soft water in your homes.

These water softeners/conditioner use unique water softening techniques like an efficient ion-exchange process and come with non-electric Automatic Regeneration Technology that eliminates the time-consuming and inconvenient manual regeneration process.

Additionally, their sleek and trendy design ensures that your washroom's aesthetics doesn't get disturbed, making it the best hard water softener for homes. So, with the problems with hard water managed, you can now feel the touch of soft water every time you use water for bathing or washing with one of India's most pleasing water softeners/conditioner.

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What Is Hard Water

Hard Water

Hard Water:

Water is the fundamental building of life on the earth, covering more than 70% of the earth's surface. Water accounts for 2/3 of the body mass of every human. When they access a concentration of calcium and magnesium beyond a certain level, water becomes hard and causes problems.

Effects Of Hard Water

  1. Hair fall, dandruff, dry skin, lather-less soap, and detergents are the most effects of the hard water.
  2. The pipe flow decreases as the line gets choked due to calcium and magnesium carbonate accumulation, White spots on utensils. White coating accumulates on the moles of the washroom and kitchen. The soft threads of clothes become lighter, and the life of expensive fabrics ends.
  3. The equipment's lower efficiency and life span, high electricity bills using heat exchangers, geysers, boilers, and bathroom fittings need increased maintenance costs.
  4. Less agricultural yield. Irrigating with hard water for residential, turf, or agricultural purposes causes scale encrustations on spray heads, emitters, valves, and irrigation equipment. Hard water produces a layer of the hard pan which acts as a barrier for water struggling to saturate the soil. Irrigation equipment will need to replace more often.
  5. Hard water can also negatively affect the efficiency of the boiler or machinery. The presence of calcium and magnesium carbonates causes scaling. The layer of calcium and magnesium can decrease the efficiency of the machinery by as much as 25%. The by-product grade will drop if we use hard water in our machinery. Hard water can be machinery parts that have also damaged the presence of calcium and magnesium.

There are various processes to reduce hard-water difficulties. Some exist as reverse osmosis, Ion exchange, and water steam. All these processes need regular maintenance, chemical-based treatment, and lots of electricity resulting in a higher cost of care.

What Is Soft Water

Soft Water

Soft Water

Soft water one of the best natural techniques is following the river water flow process. Water travels hundreds of miles in the river before reaching the oceans. While traveling, the more significant cluster of water molecules hit the rocks and stones, continuously breaking down the enormous bunch of water molecules into smaller nano molecules.

Natural Water Conditioning System

World no.1 water treatment technology, say goodbye to all your polluted and complex water problems from natural water resources with our water treatment system. This advanced and natural water treatment system provides soft water for all household clean water requirements, saves your pipelines from lime deposition, and keeps you and your family fit and fine.

Advantages of Soft Water

  1. In soft water, they worked well with a lesser amount(1/2 to 2/3) of soap or cleaning products.
  2. Their water heaters consumed up to 20% less.
  3. Their razors worked well on faces and lasted longer because of soft water.
  4. Their clothes kept shining and lasted longer than they typically do with hard water.
  5. They spent less time cleaning floors, dishes, and other utensils, with better.
  6. The water tasted better, and they drank a lot of it, auto-purify internal organs, and stayed.
  7. The software can improve hair quality and can control hair fall.
  8. It helps make hair shiner, skin cleaner, and clothes cleaner.
  9. It makes household cleaning more straightforward and less.
  10. Reduces soap scum and scaling, decreasing the use of costly.
  11. Reduces hard water scaling for all appliances.

Water Softener for Home

Water Softener for Home

Gaurav Water Solution has emerged as one of India's premier Environment and Water Management companies. Gaurav Water Solution has pioneered many path-breaking innovations in the field of technology, such as uniquely ESS, HRR, RESIN, and magnetic technology, to provide a one-stop water treatment solution for your home and the community in general.

We work with our strong network of partners to deliver the highest level of soft water solutions to our customers.

The zero maintenance technology: After decades of expertise and feedback from our guests, we've developed a unique CATALYTIC SUPER 5G AQUA based on 100% natural and zero maintenance technology. The earliest of its nature that conditions the water naturally.

The inner system of this unit is straightforward by operating the topmost natural swash-flowing helical stir technique.

When water passes through this device, Huge clusters of water molecules fragment into lower nano molecules, and sharp edges come blunt.

These bitsy dulled water mineral molecules will lose the capability to stick to the passing face; therefore, water will come lighter, softer, and smoother, and also at the same time.

The water passes through an array of largely focused stationery necessary catalytic fields to impact the water molecule's spatial exposure.

Concentrated ( Organized) physically changes the water molecular structures. A Calcite crystalline structure will be washed and flushed out, and the water sluice is formed rather than naturally being hard crystals.

Hence the water becomes wet and soft because of these combinations of both processes, which will reduce the face pressure of water by adding its solubility.

CATALYTIC SUPER 5G AQUA is a one-time investment that gives life-long benefits. It is easy to install, has zero maintenance, and is an actual money saver device in many ways.

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