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ETP Plant: Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Delhi NCR

ETP Plant Manufacturers

We are the Manufacture, Supply, Erection of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP Plant) on a turnkey basis for various types and natures of wastewater.

Effluents combine advanced Physico-chemical treatment and biological treatment processes with a tertiary polishing system to remove organic, inorganic, oil and grease, heavy metals & suspended solids.

Effluent is generating in many manufacturing enterprises like textile, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, tanneries, etc. Cannot release Contaminated water without treatment as it contains toxic and non-toxic chemicals.

If it Releases in pure water, it may cause contamination of the existing pure water and affect the environment. As a result, ETP's install in most manufacturing industries is compulsory.

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Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment flow sheet diagram: ETP Continuous Type

ETP Plant Manufacturers
  1. Screen Chamber:
    • The screen chamber removes almost large solid to bypass the abrasion of mechanical devices and clogging of the hydraulic system.
  2. Collection Tank:
    • The collection tank obtains the effluent water from the screening chamber, stores and then pumps it to the equalization tank.
  3. Equalization Tank:
    • The effluent does not have a similar concentration at all the time; the pH will vary.
    • Effluents store for 8 to 12 hours in an equalization tank. They are resulting in the homogenous mixing of effluents and helping in neutralization.
    • Continuous mixing also eliminates the settling of solids within the equalization tank.
    • Reduce Suspended Solids(SS) and Total Suspended solids (TSS) into the water.
  4. Flash mixer: Coagulants added to the effluents.
    • Lime:(800-1000 ppm) To correct the pH upto8-9
    • Alum: (200-300 ppm) To remove color.
    • Polyelectrolyte: ( 0.2 ppm) to settle the suspended matters into the water, and reduce SS, TSS.
    The summation of the above chemicals by efficient speedy mixing facilitates the homogeneous mixture of flocculates to deliver micro flocs.
  5. Clarriflocculator:
    • In the Clarriflocculator, the water is circled continuously by a stirrer.
    • Flocculation gives delayed mixing that starts to macro flocs, which next settles in the clarifier zone.
    • Overflowing water operates out to the aeration container.
    • The solid particles settle down and are collected separately; this reduces SS, TSS.
    • The settled solids, i.e., primary sludge, are pumped into sludge drying beds.
  6. Aeration Tank:
    • The effluent, after clarification, runs to an aeration container for aerobic treatment.
    • This container is implementing with air blowers or diffusers applying which air is passing through the tank.
    • This air is needed to sustain the aspired dissolved oxygen (DO) level required for bacteria to improve and remove BOD and COD by splitting down the matter.
    • BOD and COD values of effluent are reducing up to 90%.
  7. Secondary Clarifier:
    • Overflow from aeration tank to the secondary tank where solid-liquid separation occurs.
    • The solid inhabited in secondary clarifiers is called organic sludge, which is recycled back into the aeration tank to maintain the desired MLSS level.
    • The outlet water quality is checking if it's within the accepted.
    • The treated water is disposing of through pipelines.
  8. Sludge Thickener:
    • The inlet sludge consists of 60% water + 40% solids.
    • The effluent is moving through a centrifuge.
    • Due to the centrifugal action, solids and liquids dissociate.
    • The sludge thickener reduces the water content in the effluent to 40% water + 60% solids.
    • The effluent is then reprocessing, and the sludge is collecting at the bottom.
  9. Drying Beds:
    • Primary and secondary sludge is dried on the drying beds to reduce the water content further.
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