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RO service and water purifier repair by the best technicians. Water Ionizers like Kangen water and hard water convert soft water with 5G Aqua Super catalytic. All brands RO service in Delhi, RO installation in Delhi, RO repair in Delhi with service warranty at your doorstep of India. RO water purifier and water ionizer machine at the best prices.

If you need a RO technician for the RO water purifier in Delhi for RO service, please contact us any time at 9211627332.

RO water purifier is a complete system for filtering harmful water. High TDS water is also made potable by a reverse osmosis system. RO water purifier transforms dirty water into clean water and reduces TDS; Alkaline Machine water ionizer reduces or increases the pH in the water and makes alkaline water.

We have professional technicians who are experts in finding critical issues in all kinds of RO water purifiers and Alkaline ionizer machines.

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Alkaline Water Machine

Alkaline Water Machine

What Is Alkaline Water Machine?

The Alkaline Water Machine transforms normal water into ionized water. The tap water goes into the ionizer machine. It passes through titanium plates, which have a platinum coating, and gets alkaline ionized water 4pH to 12 pH—the pH level measures on a scale of zero pH level to fourteen pH.

The pH of 1 would be very acidic, and a pH of 14 very alkaline. The tap water's pH level is seven pH; it's calling neutral pH water, and the drinkable alkaline ionized water pH level is 7.5 pH to 9.5 pH. Alkaline ionized water has three main qualities:

  1. Antioxidant water
  2. Micro clustered water
  3. Alkaline water

What are the Benefits Of Ionized Water?

Ionized water is essential to living a beautiful life because it produces antioxidant water. Micro-clustered water digests everything very well and clears our intestines. It increases our lives.

Ionized water boosts our immune system and detoxifies the whole body.

Drinking ionized water keeps our health very good, and we can live longer. Having more plates in any water ionizer means more hydrogen bubbles and higher negative ORP. PurePro JA-703 flush excess toxins in the human body (Same as Kangen Water). See Video Click Here.

What Is The Benefit Of Alkaline Ionized Water To Health?

Alkaline ionized water increases the amount of oxygen in our body, due to which we get a lot of energy. Alkaline water helps neutralize our bodies and removes toxins from our bodies.

After drinking this water, acidic elements come out of our body, and our body becomes alkaline. If our body remains alkaline, then many disease will not survive within our body, and our life will be healthy.

A different study advised that drinking alkaline ionized water may benefit people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

One more recent study that involved 100 people found an essential difference in whole blood viscidity after drinking high-pH water compared to regular water following a strenuous exercise. Viscidity is the direct measurement of how efficiently blood flows through the veins.

RO Customer Care

# RO Water Purifier Customer Care RO Customer Care Number
1 RO Service Centre Near Me 9211627332
2 RO Customer Care Number 9211627332
3 Water Purifier Customer Care Number 9211627332
4 Water Purifier Helpline Number 9211627332
5 RO Helpline Number 9211627332

We Are The Best Independent RO Service Centre in Delhi, NCR.

RO Water Purifier Customer Care Number is also available on our website, providing a step solution for all your RO service and repair needs.

Our professional customer care executives are 24X7 available for RO service and installation. Their experience and knowledge will guide you that which RO water purifier model is best suits your requirements and location.

Get the top best service at the lowest price guaranteed in the market. You can dial RO Customer Care Number and check the water quality for free and protect yourself from many waterborne diseases.

RO Customer Care is always available for RO AMC, Installation, repair, and services. We understand the needs of our customers and provide skilled staff to ensure good services.

Dial the RO Customer Care Number for all your RO service and RO repair needs.

You can call them from your registered mobile number to get RO servicing, RO repair, or RO installation of your RO, and you will get a doorstep service within two hours. RO Customer Care helpline number is a toll-free number that helps you in all aspects of your water purifier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which filter is for purified borewell water?

RO (reverse osmosis) water apparatus is one of the most effective ways of sublimate borewell water or high TDS water. To treat borewell water, you need advanced purification techniques such as RO, UF, and UV filtration. Kenaqua, water filter system is the best for borewell water treatment.

How to change the filter in the water purifier?

First, to change the filter in the water purifier, open the pre-filter with its wrench and clean it. Then put a new pre-filter candle in it and tighten it back. This process should be done every three months, due to which the quality of water is better, and the life of other filters is longer. Change all filters within the water apparatus by an expert technician once each year. We've got provided the most effective RO technician in Delhi and NCR.

Which is the best RO?

The best RO in India is the one within which it must have some things like a TDS controller, UV, and alkaline mineral cartridge. All these features are available in the Kenaqua RO water purifiers.

What is the price of RO?

RO costs only about Rs.5000 to Rs.40000, out of which Rs.8000 to Rs.25000 are perfect.

The RO is not taking water into it. How can we get rid of it?

This problem arises due to not done routine service of the RO correctly at the right time because it happens due to blocking membrane or pump's low pressure.

How do I service my house RO system?

The external filter installed in your house should be cleaning every month and must change the inner filter once a year. And you can contact them for more help at 9211627332.

Why is RO banned?

In areas where water comes from 70 to 200 TDS, applying RO in regions where water minerals destroy because RO reduces TDS and below required (70-200 TDS) water is not helpful for humans.

Is RO better or UV?

In areas where the amount of TDS in water is more than 200, RO is better because reverse osmosis is changing high TDS water to low TDS water, and in areas where the amount of TDS is below 200, UV is the best way.

What is the price of RO membrane?

The price of RO membrane ranges from Rs.800 to Rs.3700, and the price difference depends on the TDS of the company's brand.

How do I service my RO system at home?

You can clean the filter outside of the RO system every month and for more help, contact us at our customer care 9211627332.

Which is the best service center for RO water purifiers?

Gaurav Water Solution is the best service center for RO water purifiers and is the location in Delhi and service providing in all India. The best service center of RO water purifier which is very reliable is Call us immediately to book RO service.

RO Water Purifier Services

RO water purifier services like repairing, installation, uninstallation, routine service, and AMC by best professionals. Service warranty for RO spare parts. We changed the spare parts warranty for two months. If a manufacturing defect damages any RO spare parts, we will replace them free of cost.

Which service do you need?

RO Repair Services Water Ionizer Service RO Installation/RO UN-installation

RO Services Charges in Delhi and NCR
  • Repair Charges: 249/-
  • Service Charges: 299/-
  • Installation Charges: 499/-
  • UN-Installation Charges: 299/-
  • Installation and UN-installation Charges: 699/-
  • alkaline water ionizer Installation: 1999/-
  • alkaline water ionizer Repair/Service: 499/-
  • Visit Charges Domestic RO 5 LPH to 50 LPH: 150/-
  • Visit Charges Commercial RO Plant 100 LPH to 250 LPH: 500/-
  • Visit Charges Commercial RO Plant 500 LPH to 1000 LPH: 1000/-
  • Visit Charges Industrial RO Plant Above 1000 LPH: 2000/-
  • Service/Repair/AMC/Installation Delhi and NCR More...

RO Repair Service Within 90 Minutes In Below Mentioned Area

# RO Service Locations
1 RO Service In Binda Pur
2 RO Service In Bijwasan
3 RO Service In Connaught Place
4 RO Service In Chanakyapuri
5 RO Service In Delhi
6 RO Service In Dabri
7 RO Service In Dwarka
8 RO Service In Delhi Cantt
9 RO Service In East Patel Nagar
10 RO Service In Fatehpur Beri
11 RO Service In Geeta Colony
12 RO Service In Greater Kailash
13 RO Service In Hauz Khas
14 RO Service In Inderpuri
15 RO Service In Janak Puri
16 RO Service In Karkardooma
17 RO Service In Karol Bagh
18 RO Service In Kakrola
19 RO Service In Karawal Nagar
20 RO Service In Karala
21 RO Service In Lajpat Nagar
22 RO Service In Laxmi Nagar
23 RO Service In Loni
24 RO Service In MahipalPur
25 RO Service In Maya Puri
26 RO Service In Mukherjee Nagar
27 RO Service In Naraina
28 RO Service In Narela
29 RO Service In Najaf Garh
30 RO Service In New Rajendra Nagar
31 RO Service In Old Rajendra Nagar
32 RO Service In Onkar Nagar
33 RO Service In Patparganj
34 RO Service In Palam
35 RO Service In Palam Vihar
36 RO Service In Paschim Vihar
37 RO Service In Punjabi Bagh
38 RO Service In Paharganj
39 RO Service In Patel Nagar
40 RO Service In Raj Nagar
41 RO Service In Rajender Nagar
42 RO Service In Rajokari
43 RO Service In Rajouri Garden
44 RO Service In Ranjit Nagar
45 RO Service In Rohini
46 RO Service In Shalimar Bagh
47 RO Service In Shadipur
48 RO Service In Shadipur Depot
49 RO Service In Sharda Puri
50 RO Service In Shahdara
51 RO Service In Tilak Nagar
52 RO Service In Todapur
53 RO Service In Uttam Nagar
54 RO Service In Vasant Vihar
55 RO Service In Vasant Kunj
56 RO Service In Vikas Puri

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