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Water Softener For Home Noida A Permanent Solution Of Scaling

Water Softener For Home

Water softener for home Noida a permanent solution of scaling. Convert hard water into soft water with the catalytic Super 5G Aqua world's no. one technology.

It reduces soap residues on clothes and skin, making them look more attractive. It helps make hair shinier, skin cleaner, clothes cleaner, and righter.

It makes household cleaning more accessible and less expensive. Reduces soap scum and scaling, decreasing the use of costly detergents.

It improves water flow and reduces scale deposits in your pipes. Reduces electricity bills in Noida because your geyser and washing machine run smoothly in anti-scaling water. Reduces hard water scaling appliances and plumbing.

Remember, with CATALYTIC SUPER 5G AQUA treated water, a little soap or shampoo goes a long way. Hair is softened and easier to manage when there isn't a build-up of minerals coating it.

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Water Softener In Noida Inquiry!

Hard Water Problem In Noida

Hard Water Problem In Noida: Hard and excessively salty groundwater is causing widespread hair fall and skin problems in the satellite township. The president of the Gautam Budh Nagar District Chemist Association, Anup Khanna, confirmed that the skin problem among Noida residents had become a common ailment because of hard water.

# Hard Water Problem In Noida
1 Hair fall and skin problems.
2 Limescale in plumbing.
3 Dirty faucet with limescale.
4 Stains and scaling in the bathroom.
5 Stains and scaling in the toilet.
6 Stain in utensil.
7 No lather in soap and detergent.
8 Scaling leads to higher electricity bills.
9 Damage to the mesh of the air cooler due to scaling in water.
10 Maintenance of geysers and other equipment is high.

Water Softener In Noida

Water softener in Noida is a natural water treatment system that works independently of any external ingredient or stimulator and is free of chemical or electric processes.

This technology is based on redox technology, by a natural process, reduces heavy metals, mercury chlorine, iron, mercury, silica, fluoride, aluminum, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, nitrate, sulfate, calcium sulfide, heavy soluble metals, scaling possibilities of hard water, lowers cost, minimizes maintenance and extends system life.

Water Softener Working Principal

Typical redox reaction, harmful chlorine is removed by changing free chlorine into chloride ions. Natural water treatment systems act as a catalyst to change soluble ferrous cations into insoluble ferric hydroxide, easily removed by regular backwashing.

We can modify the scale compound's crystal structure with the reaction, changing it from calcite to aragonite. "To turn the scale into aragonite and eliminate it" is used to prevent and eradicate scale.


  1. In soft water, they worked well with a lesser amount(1/2 to 2/3) of soap or cleaning products.
  2. Their water heaters consumed up to 20% less.
  3. Their razors worked well on faces and lasted longer because of soft water.
  4. Their clothes kept shining and lasted longer than they typically do with hard water.
  5. They spent less time cleaning floors, dishes, and other utensils, with better.
  6. The water tasted better, and they drank a lot of it, auto-purify internal organs, and stayed.
  7. The software can improve hair quality and can control hair fall.
  8. It helps make hair shiner, skin cleaner, and clothes cleaner.
  9. It makes household cleaning more straightforward and less.
  10. Reduces soap scum and scaling, decreasing the use of costly.
  11. Reduces hard water scaling for all appliances.


Anti Scaling Device

Anti Scaling Device

Due to Noida's hard water, there is water scaling in pipe taps, geysers, water coolers, washing machines, utensils, etc.

Regular use of Super 5G Aqua Catalytic solves all the above problems. This device has miraculous effects of eliminating scaling in water.

This device benefits you if water is coming very slowly due to scaling in your water pipes.

So get this device today and resolve your water scaling problems for a lifetime.

Water Softener/Softener Price List

# Water Softener System Outer Casting Unit MRP Buy
1 Water Softener Catalytic Super 5G Aqua 0.5 Inch SS316L 1 Piece 29500
2 Water Softener Catalytic Super 5G Aqua 1.0 Inch SS316L 1 Piece 47200
3 Water Softener Catalytic Super 5G Aqua 1.5 Inch SS316L 1 Piece 70800
4 Water Softener Catalytic Super 5G Aqua 2 Inch SS316L 1 Piece 94400
5 Water Softener Catalytic Super 5G Aqua 2.5 Inch SS316L 1 Piece 118000
6 Water Softener Catalytic Super 5G Aqua 3 Inch SS316L 1 Piece 141600
7 Water Softener Catalytic Super 5G Aqua 3.5 Inch SS316L 1 Piece 165200
8 Water Softener Catalytic Super 5G Aqua 4 Inch SS316L 1 Piece 188800
9 Water Softener Catalytic Super 5G Aqua 6 Inch SS316L 1 Piece 283200
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