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Livpure RO Service for Livpure Water Purifier

Livpure RO Service for Livpure Water Purifier

The Livpure RO Service for Livpure water purifier is serviced at home by our best RO technicians. We are one of the trusted and independent Livpure water purifier service providers in India. Our professionals serve with utmost care for hygiene and following all the safety regulations of Covid-19. We offer a service warranty of 2 months performing Livpure RO service. The spare parts used by us are 100% genuine. For more information about Livpure RO, click on Livpure's official website and get more information.

We also provide an Annual Maintenance Contract of Livpure RO through which you can avail of RO services for the entire year without any hassle. We offer three services free of cost, and in case of any other problem you can call us, it is also absolutely free.

The Livpure water purifiers list is below with price. You can contact us to buy a Livpure water purifier. We make the installation available for free upon purchase by us, and Livpure provides its warranty.

Livpure RO Customer Care

Livpure RO Customer Care is available near your home. You can book your RO's service by just giving us a call whose number is 9211627332. After confirming your RO service booking, our technician will contact you and verify your RO booking time.

After accepting your booking, our technician will talk to you, and you can tell you're appropriate time and get your RO serviced.

Livpure RO Service

The Livpure RO Service is available in all models of Livpure RO water purifiers, UV, RO+, Gravity, Nonelectric, Water Softener only. Our technicians reach you within 90 minutes after talking to you and provide RO service.

When our technician asks you to come, you tell the whole problem about your RO so that our technicians brought all the spare parts of the RO water purifier.

To buy Livpure RO, please see the list below, which also gives the MRP.

Sr. No. Livpure RO Model Name Price in MRP
1. Livpure Touch 2000 Plus Rs.19490
2. Livpure Platino+ Copper Rs.21990
3. Livpure Envy+ Rs.18490
4. Livpure Platino Copper Rs.20500
5. Livpure Bolt Copper Rs.17500
6. Livpure Pep Star Rs.16390
7. Livpure Smart Touch Rs.21990
8. Livpure Eco Touch Rs.17490
9. Livpure Pep+ Rs.15490
10. Livpure Glitz Silver Rs.11990
11. Livpure Magna Pro Rs.18000
12. Livpure UTC Neon RO+UV+UF+Taste Enhancer Rs.18990
13. Livpure Pep Rs.13490
14. Livpure Glitz Plus Rs.10299
15. Livpure Bolt Rs.15000

We provide service for all the above models, which are done by our best professionals. We always do the original parts because we have the satisfaction of our customer is essential.

Livpure RO service booking system

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