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Kent RO Service Customer Care Number

Kent RO Service for Kent Water Purifier

Kent RO Service for Kent Water Purifier. We are one of the trusted and independent kent water purifier service providers in India. Kent RO service customer care number at 9211627332.

We have provided expert professionals to your doorstep and repair service in 90 minutes and only service warranty at Kent RO spare parts during two months.

Kent water purifier is available to complete range with attractive discount and installation free with 3-year service free, for more further information regarding the free service visit. Kent's official website.

Kent RO Service Charges

Kent RO service charges are given below, such as installation repair and service charges. Kent RO service charges taken by us remain valid for a week. If any problem arises in a week, then we do not retake service charges.

Kent Service Near me Customer Care Number

# Kent RO Service Charges Amount in Rs.
1 Kent RO Service 299
2 Kent RO Repair 249
3 Kent RO Installation 499
4 Kent RO Un-Installation 299
5 Kent RO Water Check 199

RO Customer Care for Kent Water Purifiers

RO Customer Care for Kent Water Purifiers near you available and a call away, Call Now on 9211627332 and confirm your RO service booking. Our technician will contact you and verify your RO booking time.

Kent RO Price

Kent RO Price for all Kent RO water purifiers like UV, RO+, Gravity, Nonelectric, Water Softener, and many more at your doorstep within 90-minute repair service by a professional technician. Following is the list of Kent RO with MRP.

Sr. No. Kent RO Model Name Price in MRP
1. KENT Grand Plus Rs.20500
2. KENT Pearl Rs.20500
3. KENT Supreme Rs.19500
4. KENT Maxx Rs.10000
5. KENT Perk Rs.60000
6. KENT Ace Rs.19500
7. KENT Excell+ Rs.20000
8. KENT Pride Rs.17000
9. KENT EliteII Rs.65000
10. KENT Super+ Rs.18500
11. KENT Gold Rs.3200
12. KENT Ultra Rs.9000

Kent RO Service all models by best technicians. We have always used the original service kit and spare parts of Kent because our customer satisfaction is the best priority.

Kent RO service booking system

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Kent RO Membrane

Kent RO membrane makes more water because we have the best quality of membrane. Not all minerals are removing from this membrane because of the TDS controller in all our heads. Can detect the test of water by whether the RO membrane is terrible or not.
If the water test is going wrong, then the membrane may also be one of the reasons. If the pure water in the tank is less and the foul water which is for it is draining more, you can also have a lousy membrane. Please change it immediately. The Kent RO membrane price is showing below table.

# Kent RO Membrane Price Amount in Rs.
1 Kent RO Membrane 2500

Routine Service Kent

Should do Routine service kent after every three months. By doing this, the efficiency of the inner filters of Kent RO even better, and the water quality is pure. Therefore, you should call us immediately to get your Kent RO's routine serviced.

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